Friends of the Musée L

Amis du Musée L

The Friends of the Musée L's association was created in 1985 on the initiative of Professor Ignace Vandevivere and other founders, donors and volunteers of the museum. An enthusiastic network of friends has gradually been formed to help the museum make itself known and play an increasingly dynamic role in the university town.

Currently, the association has more than a thousand members, including about thirty volunteers in regular activity, proud to contribute to the development of this unique cultural center.


The Friends of the Musée L's association wishes to:

  • Publicize the Museum, its history, its collections, its achievements.
  • Support for the development of the original model of a university museum open to all audiences.
  • Help to preserve and enhance the museum heritage as well as to expand the collections.
  • Make the Museum a permanent meeting place by offering visitors a personalized welcome.
  • Participate in the socio-cultural life of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, promote relations with the various bodies of the university, the city, the region and beyond.
  • Ensure contacts with the Federation of Friends of Museums of Belgium and promote links with other associations of Friends, particularly during museum visits.


Being a member of the Friends means benefiting from many advantages:

  • Free entry to the Museum and to the exhibitions organized there,
  • Invitation to the openings,
  • Subscription to the Courrier du Musée et de ses Amis, quarterly publication of the Musée L,
  • Reductions on the purchase price of Museum publications,
  • Advantageous rates for activities organized by the Friends of the L Museum: cultural escapades, visits to artists' workshops, museums and exhibitions...

Become a Friend of the Musée L

If you wish to become a Friend of the L Museum, please contact us at and make the payment of the annual membership fee to the Friends of the L Museum account - IBAN BE43 3100 6641 7101 (BIC code: BBRUBEBB). The amount of the annual subscription is 30 €. For couple subscription, the amount is 40 €.


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